The Exhibition

That journey and stay were 135 years ago; now in Riviera once again host three paintings which the father of Impressionism produced on these sites to capture their light.
Art critics regard the masterpieces exhibited as some of the most interesting in his production.

“I have the impression that I will achieve something wonderful”

30th April - 31th July 2019
1th - 18th August 2019 ONLY DOLCEACQUA

The project for the exhibition “Claude Monet, ritorno in Riviera” is based on two heartfelt letters which Claude Monet wrote, before and after his journey to the Riviera in 1884.
135 years after that journey and that stay, over the past few months, three of the paintings which the father of Impressionism produced in those places to capture their light have returned to Bordighera and Dolceacqua. The masterpieces on display are regarded by critics as some of the most interesting among his production.
After being successfully open for three months, having been visited by 30.000 visitors, the decision has been made to extend the exhibition in the premises of Dolceacqua until Sunday 18th August.

Claude Monet thus becomes the protagonist, together with an extraordinary territory which discovered its vocation at the time, progressing from the periphery of a poor region, nineteenth-century Liguria, to a major destination for tourism and international culture.

Paris 17 January 1884
“My dear Monsieur Durand,
(…) I am leaving full of ardour; I have the impression that I will achieve something wonderful. With all my devotion”

Bordighera, 25 March 1884
“(…) I’m not sure what I have done is good. I don’t know anything anymore; I have worked so hard, made so much effort, that I have become a brute. If it were possible, I would like to erase everything then start again, because you need to live in a country for a long time in order to paint it, you need to have painstakingly worked there to reproduce it with any certainty; but will we ever be satisfied in front of Nature, and especially here… Surrounded by this dazzling light, I find my palette extremely modest; Art would need tons of gold and diamonds. I just did what I could.
Maybe, after returning home, it will remind a little of what I have seen”.

The light and colours painted by Monet will continue to charm us at Castello Doria, with the wonderful artworks “Le Château de Dolceacqua” and “Monte Carlo vu de Roquebrune”. Wonder, amazement and the pleasure of discovery are the feelings and opinions expressed by the numerous visitors who have seen the exhibition so far.
Alongside the art by Monet there is a multimedia exhibition pathway, which outlines the artist’s experience during his journey and stay in the Riviera, as well as a valuable photographic documentation regarding life in the Riviera between the end of the nineteenth and the early twentieth century.

At Castello Doria, until the 15th of August, it will also be possible to view the fascinating installation “Traditur” by the artist Flavia Bigi, winner of the second edition of the MEMORIE#TRADIMENTI award organized by the Floridi Doria Pamphilj Trust. Two large dice, one made of white marble, the other of black granite - in an unheard-of interfacing and opposing position - suggest an intricate system of references and connections.

Claude Monet was exactly right when he wrote to his art dealer “I have the impression that I will be doing something wonderful”. Today, even 135 years later, his masterpieces still surprise and hold a unique fascination.

The project has been made possible by the partnership with the Marmottan Monet Museum in Paris, through the valuable work by its curator, Mme Marianne Mathieu, and by support from H.R.H. Albert II of Monaco.
Curator: Aldo Jean Herlaut.
Exhibition pathway: Mu.MA – Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni Institution in Genoa
The exhibition is promoted by the Municipalities of Bordighera and Dolceacqua, with the support of the Liguria Regional Government and of the Imperia Provincial Government, thanks to a contribution by Compagnia di San Paolo and Permare s.r.l.

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Claude Monet, ritorno in Riviera